Boy Scouts Boy Scout Troop 505

About Troop 505

Our Troop is part of the Lake Region District and the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council (formerly Gulf Ridge Council). We are chartered by St. Joseph Catholic Church. Boys sixth grade and older may join at any time during the year. It is not required for boys to attend St. Joseph School or Church to be part of Troop 505.

Level Rank
1st Scout Scout
2nd Tenderfoot Tenderfoot
3rd Second Class Second Class
4th First Class First Class
5th Star Star
6th Life Life
7th Eagle Eagle

Some of our annual events include:
-Local Camping Events
-Pinewood Derby (February)
-Space Derby (June)
-Boy Scout Summer Camp (June/July)
-Raingutter Regatta Picnic (July)
-Ultimate Frisbee (August)
-Annual Christmas Tree Sale (November/December)